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EE - Stuff to learn (during Freetime)

This should be a list of topics you can learn in general (and as long this is EngineeringStudents you may not learn in courses as well). Have a look what might fits you, what can be a benefit for you in future and what sounds fun. This list will never be 100% correct, there will be stuff missing and maybe some things change over time (also a lot of typos and bad grammar, I'm sorry). But with your help we may create a list with interessting and helpful topics. Yes this post was made around half a year ago, but is usefull in my opinion and would be to sad to be lost in the archive.
Hello everyone,
I noticed a couple of posts in the last weeks where people are looking for stuff to learn, but are not sure what. So I want to make a small list of EE-stuff what I recommend, beside most standard stuff (like Calc I, Ohms law etc.). I have no clue about other engineering fields (I'm into automation & robotic), but maybe YOU can help out for your engineering field, but please in another topic, not here*!* (but will be linked, if you post them in the comments)
One general advice, if you know where you want to work in future, you shall not wear blinkers and concentrate just on stuff of your field. Take a look outside the box and try to learn some stuff. You don't have to be a master on all fields, but be able to know what other engineers are talking about. Short notice: I try to list mostly free or open-source stuff, because some of us haven't got a student-licence (and/or the money), but I also know that you can't beat some commercial products so far.
General Stuff:
Programming languages:
Electronic stuff:
Automation &Robotic:
Information - and communications technology:
Micro- and Nanoelectronics:
Power Electronic/Electric:
Craftmanship (can be tricky, because you may not get the tools and somebody with experience for that)
Yes I can see some of you are rolling with their eyes and thinking "serious"? And you are right! And wrong! Don't underestimate Softskills. Having lectures about that stuff is sometimes pretty boring, but you won't believe what people are out there not being able to handle stuff. Neither Time management, not social skills to deal with conflicts and so on. Some people don't even know that they are missing this kind of skill set. Be honest to yourself and get at least a basic set. It is difficult to teach suc things for yourself and some techniques won't work, but others will (I manage my projects in another way than my workmates do).
[Sources are welcome, because this field is huge. I will just describe stuff I know/recommened/warn about ...]
Other Topics that aren't mentioned yet
Maybe I will add/change some stuff from time to time...
Anything you are missing? Put it in the comments and if I know it (or enough other) I will add it on the list as well.
Something wrong? Please let me notice so I can change that!
You don't even know how to survive Engineering? You may check out this regular post from me.
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Mock Draft W/Scouting Report (Picks #1-20)

1.New Orleans Pelicans- Zion (Ends AD era with the arguably most hyped prospect since AD)
SHADES OF: Charles Barkley, Blake Griffin, Julius Randle
-Capable of running pick-and-roll as a ball handler; the team that drafts him can use him in virtually any role on offense.
-A potential five-position defender with a rare combination of strength, agility, and anticipation skills; he can
comfortably switch on-ball screens.
-Zion’s explosive jukes and hop-steps are glitches in the laws of physics; a player his size shouldn’t be able to create
separation the way he does.
-A wrecking-ball finisher who can finish through and above contact; his size, athleticism, and ballhandling ability will
lead to a lot of defensive fouls drawn.
-Dangerous on dives to the rim via pick-and-rolls and handoffs; he can flush lobs like DeAndre Jordan or pass on the short
roll like Draymond Green.
-A smart, unselfish passer who thrives in transition; he lacks supreme vision, but his excellent rebounding and coast-to-
coast ability are valuable tools.
-Punishes smaller players on perimeter drives and post-ups. Has basic moves now, but displays the dexterity and body
control necessary to improve.
-An active and aware cutter who can exploit holes in defenses, even when they sag off him on the perimeter.
-Hustles and plays with a winning mind-set: dives for loose balls, rebounds out of his area, and pursues chasedown blocks.
-Defensive playmaker who alters shots and jumps passing lanes to spark transition chances, though in a pro system he’ll
have to gamble less frequently.
-Clunky spot-up shooting mechanics; he brings the ball to his set point too early, which hurts momentum into his shot.
Also needs to kick his strange habit of jab-
stepping before he shoots.
-Developing a jumper off the dribble is the key to unlocking his full potential; he shoots the ball flat and looks
uncomfortable even from the elbow.
-Must learn how to change gears to minimize sloppy passes or out-of-control drives that lead to charges.
-He can be predictable: He overuses the drop step on post-ups, and he rarely uses his right hand on shots near the rim.
He needs a more diverse arsenal of moves on drives and post-ups.
-Defensive awareness could use fine-tuning; often falls into upright stance, ball-watches, and misses help rotations.
-Defensive discipline is lacking; though he makes explosive plays, savvy opponents will throw moves that make him leave
his feet, or crash the boards when he overhelps.
-With his size and explosiveness, health is always a question: He suffered a right foot bruise in high school that put
him in a walking boot, sprained his MCL at Duke, and has been out of shape in the past.

2.Memphis Grizzlies- Ja Morant (Ends Conley era since he wants to be traded, perfectly)
SHADES OF: Skinny John Wall, Donovan Mitchell, Dennis Smith Jr.
-Electric passer who generates open space for teammates with speed and sleights of hand, and then accurately delivers the
ball using either hand off the dribble.
-Excellent shot-creation upside. He has a quick first step and uses slippery crossovers, spins, in-out dribbles, and
changes of pace to create space.
-Major potential as a transition threat with his handle, speed, and unselfish passing ability.
-Touch from the line and around the rim suggests he could be a good shooter if he makes the necessary mechanical changes.
-Terrific athlete who explodes for open-floor dunks and has the top-gear speed to zoom by defenders. Crafty finisher who
absorbs contact well, though he still must get stronger.
-Has the instincts of a role player, too: does the little things like cutting, rebounding, and facilitating within the
flow of the offense.
-Solid on-ball defender when he’s playing with intensity, which doesn’t happen often enough.
-Too tricky with his dribble, forces passes into shutting windows, and is nonchalant making simple passes, all of which
lead to avoidable turnovers.
-Needs to overhaul his shooting mechanics: His release is too low and his elbow sticks out. The ball gets pushed from his
forehead. He’s a natural lefty who shoots righty.
-Must improve his right hand. Becoming more of a one-foot leaper would enhance his finishing, too.
-Struggles shooting jumpers off the dribble largely due to his poor mechanics, which cause him to transition slowly into
his release.
-Motor and focus wane when defending off-ball, leading to backdoor cuts and open shooters. Is it due to his heavy
offensive role, or is it for a lack of interest?
-Narrow frame limits his defensive upside. He’s not someone who can switch onto larger players.

3.New York Knicks- RJ Barrett (Take whoever outta RJ or Ja is left)
SHADES OF: Jalen Rose, alpha Andrew Wiggins, Harrison Barnes, Rudy Gay
-Good athlete in space with smooth footwork who seeks contact on drives.
-Dangerous ball handler who takes long strides and uses a bevy of herky-jerky maneuvers like Euro-steps and hesitations to
get to the rim.
-Effective shooter off the dribble from midrange: He’s comfortable transitioning into his shot, especially when driving
left, and he’s flashed a slick stepback.
-Good ball handler and passer for his size who can make any type of pass off the dribble. Though he’s not a pure playmaker,
he can fit into any multi-ball-handler offense.
-Excellent rebounder for his position; when he snatches boards, he’s a constant threat to go coast-to-coast.
-Competitive defender at lower levels, especially playing for Team Canada. He has the physical profile to be a versatile
defender with long arms and strong frame.
-Team Canada has poured resources into his development; he has a strong work ethic, and a history of improvement suggests
he’ll continue progressing.
-He induces face-palms by forcing contested shots early in the clock, barreling into defenders instead of passing to open
players, and attempting wild passes to bail himself out.
-He rarely uses his right hand, as if it were tied behind back. It’s critical that he improve his off hand to diversify
his shot-creation ability.
-His lousy percentages from 3 and the line are alarming since he has good, consistent mechanics.
-Lacks natural touch, an issue that is compounded by his diminished athleticism in tight space, which hinders his at-rim
-Inactive off-ball player on offense: He rarely ever cuts or screens at Duke, though his athleticism and versatility could
make him a potential threat down the road.
-He’s a ball watcher off-ball who routinely misses defensive rotations; on-ball, he often falls out of his stance possibly
due to a lack of interest, awareness, or energy.

-Easiest pick in the draft in my eyes
-In my eyes the biggest drop off in talent is between 3 and 4, and tbh a 12 year old could make this pick for Scott Perry
-Barrett is clearly the 3rd best player in this draft
-Looks like Ja is going to Memphis according to media outlets
-He fits great at shooting guard between KD, and Kyrie
-He is a great driver, ball handler, underrated passer being in the 90 percentaile when talking pass to assist ratio
-Did great under Zion, possibly preparing him better for playing behind KD, and Kyrie
-Has the mamba mentality and while I have seen some Andrew Wiggins comps, his work ethic, passing ability, and
ball handeling ability is what will set him apart long term in my opinion from a Andrew Wiggins
-He is an underrated passer. I mean most people don't know this since he could have tunnel vision towards the ends of
games at times so everyone thinks he's a "ball hog" but the kid was in the 95 percentile in pass to assist ratio.
-In my opinion if he starts trying harder on defense (he has the athleticism/length to be great so that's coachable), he
works on that tunnel vision aspect of his game (coachable), and works on his shot (will be better with NBA spacing since
he's a tough shot takecoachable), he will be an an all time great for us and could be Kyrie and KD's third man his
rookie year.
-All his problems in my eyes are easily coachable and his weaknesses could be hidden in the right system,
especially in this NBA, so can't lie, I'm hyped that we're grabbing this kid.
-Seeing all these wings making deep run in the playoffs (Giannis, KD, Kawhi, Lebron in the past, etc) gives me hope that RJ
can be our versatile point forward/SG of the future much like the Mavs found in Doncic last year with the 3rd pick
-Not sayin he is any of these players but he has the potential to be with numbers exceeding that of Tatum's, Bagley's,
Kyrie's, and Ingram's during his stint at Duke. Not to mention he also reclassified and is one of the youngest players in
the draft at 18 and, should be the #1 high school prospect at the moment, not in college.

4.Los Angeles Lakers- Garland (LA doesn't need more fwrds! They have Ingram, Kuz, Bron, what rookie would thrive in that?)
SHADES OF: Damian Lillard, Jeff Teague, Nick Van Exel
-Seasoned pick-and-roll playmaker with tremendous feel and tempo; he uses elusive moves like half-spins, hesitations, and
hang dribbles to generate space.
-The ball doesn’t slow him down; he’s a speedster in the open floor able to split defenders, and he’s agile when changing
-Smooth shooter with NBA range off the dribble, off the catch, and off movement; his versatility will enable him to easily
excel in a multiple ball handler offense.
-Dexterity makes him a constant threat to pass or score from anywhere; he’s not a great at-rim finisher yet, but makes
acrobatic extension layups with either hand.
-Creative passer who throws accurate lobs and cross-court passes with either hand off the dribble.
-Son of a former NBA player, Winston Garland.
-Undersized point guard; he’s thin, lacks length, and isn’t an elite athlete; who does he effectively guard?
-Gambles too much as an off-ball defender.
-Doesn’t draw a ton of fouls and is a below-the-rim athlete; with his lean frame, finishing could be a challenge despite
his skill.
-Shooting has never been an issue for him at lower levels, but his release is a little low, so it’ll be worth monitoring
how it translates against NBA length.
-Needs to limit unnecessary risks where he tries to be flashy instead of making a fundamental play.
-A torn meniscus in his left knee ended his season at Vanderbilt

5.Cleveland Cavaliers- Culver (Perfect w/Sexton, defensive, long, great passing wing who offsets Sexton's lack their of)
SHADES OF: Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Jeremy Lamb
-Intelligent player who moves well without the ball, fills lanes on the break, and plays hard.
-Good straight-line driver who mixes in spin moves and finishes with either hand around the rim, though he must improve at
finishing versus length.
-Solid dribble-jumper shooter; comfortable taking side dribbles into 3s, pull-ups, and stepbacks, though his footwork will
need to improve at the pro level.
-Makes tough shots, especially from midrange. If those 2s become 3s, he could become an end-of-game scorer.
-Flashes upside shooting off screens and handoffs, though his below-average free throw percentage and lack of touch on
floaters are worrisome indicators for his actual shooting ability.
-Unselfish passer who facilitates well within the system and can make plays off the bounce for others. Shows good feel
with change-of-pace moves in the pick-and-roll.
-Competitive rebounder who can initiate a fast break as a scorer or playmaker.
-Versatile defender who can comfortably defend multiple positions and be relied on off-ball to make smart rotations and
take calculated risks going for steals.
-Stiff ball handler with an average first step. He lacks shake after his initial move, which forces him into a ton of
tough shots.
-Tweaked his shooting form to remove a hitch, though his slow and rigid release raises questions about his accuracy at the
next level.
-Takes far too many unforced midrange 2-pointers early in the clock.
-Telegraphs too many passes and lacks accuracy, so at this stage he’s more of a secondary ball handler than a primary
-Limited ceiling as a defender: He has room to get stronger, but he still has a relatively lean frame, and he has only
average lateral quickness against guards.

6.Phoenix Suns- Coby White (Gives them their PG of the future who has the length to become a verstatile guard defender)
SHADES OF: Jamal Murray, Brandon Knight, Rodrigue Beaubois
-Effective spot-up 3-point shooter from NBA range with a quick release.
-White has long-term potential off screens and handoffs due to his ability to balance himself midair, but he wasn’t
efficient in this area during his freshman season.
-Creates tons of space off the dribble, especially on his stepback jumper. There’s go-to scoring potential if he masters
his shot and handle.
-Can glide past the defense with an elite first step, yet also displays a feel for stop-and-go hesitations and hang
-Solid facilitator who can make basic passes off the dribble; will need to enhance this part of his game to complement his
scoring ability at the next level.
-Complete defender who moves well laterally and will spend the majority of his time defending the opposing point guard.
-Has a quick release, soft touch, and good elevation on his jumper, but his low shooting release could be a potential
fatal flaw against longer NBA defenders.
-Doesn’t get much elevation at the rim on drives; he handles contact well but gets blocked often. Adding strength,
improving his off hand, and mastering his floater would help.
-Struggled to shoot off the dribble even after creating space for open looks. Has wild misses to the left and right
when pulling up.
-Forces shots and tries to do too much with his dribble to get through traffic; he’ll need to play a steadier brand of
basketball at the next level to earn the trust of coaches.
-Needs to add strength and play with sound fundamentals to overcome his slight frame and short wingspan; he’s not going to
be versatile.
-Mobility and effort can make him a good overall defender, especially off the ball, but at this stage his fundamentals
remain sloppy in terms of footwork and positioning.

7.Chicago Bulls- Cam Reddish (wouldn't be surprised traded to LA for Lonzo Ball to put Cam in AD trade)
SHADES OF: Paul George, Rashard Lewis, bigger Ben McLemore
-Wide upper body with a long wingspan that can support more muscle, though his hips are slender; added strength could
improve some of his weaknesses.
-Fluidity, size, and an array of ball-handling moves and hesitations enable him to hit pull-up perimeter jumpers that most
players can’t.
-Projects as a plus shooter off the catch due to his quick, high release. With his size, he could develop into a pick-and-
pop threat.
-Does a fine job of relocating off-ball and cutting, though the results aren’t great due to a lack of explosiveness inside
and a streaky shot outside.
-Good passer for his size: He’s adept at creating space and making reads in the pick-and-roll, though he’s had limited
opportunities due to the presence of star teammates.
-Switchable defender with long arms and quick hands to swipe at ball handlers; he defends on his heels too much, though,
which hinders his lateral quickness.
-Though Reddish underwhelmed at Duke, he accepted his role without any complaints, which bodes well for his ability to do
what his future team asks of him.
-Reddish doesn’t maximize his physical gifts. He’s long but takes short, choppy steps attacking the rim; he’s large, but
avoids contact when driving or rebounding.
-Loses balance on drives to the rim; he lacks coordination, slips and falls, and will fumble the ball even without
-Settles too much for jumpers despite only appearing like a knockdown shooter; his mechanics look smooth, but he’s shot
low 30 percent from 3 throughout his career.
-Not an above-the-rim finisher in traffic, and he avoids using his off hand; converts on plays around the rim at a much
lower rate than you’d expect.
-Telegraphs too many passes; he plays a casual overall game, and needs to put zip on the ball to get it where he wants it
to go.
-Lacks discipline on defense: He falls for pump fakes, reaches too often, and gambles in situations when he should just
play positional defense.
-Defensive effort flutters too much; his mind-set could be the difference between becoming Paul George or Jeff Green.

8.Atlanta Hawks- Hunter (Most proven player available, great shooter, gives them their versatile 3&D SF/PF of the future)
SHADES OF: Luol Deng, DeMarre Carroll, Jae Crowder
-Good spot-up shooter who has a sense for relocating and cutting, though he should quicken his shooting release.
-His shot creation has improved considerably; he can get to the rim on straight-line drives, make basic one- or two-
dribble pull-ups, and face up from the post.
-Good on-ball perimeter defender due to his notable combination of mass, length, and quickness.
-Plays sound positional defense off-ball; he rotates well, minimizes mistakes, and has the bulk to neutralize rim runners
when helping in the pick-and-roll.
-Stout post defender due to strength, length, and strong base; he’s hard to overpower.
-Average first step and handle limits his scoring upside.
-While a good defender, he does tend to get smoked by quicker, explosive players—which he’ll see far more of in the NBA.
-Unless he has space to gather, he’s a below-the-rim finisher who doesn’t finish well inside against contact or lengthy
-Questionable feel for the game; he’s a ball stopper who makes delayed reads, though he has made significant progress as
a passer each season.
-Lacks defensive playmaking skill; doesn’t log many explosive plays in the blocks or steals columns though it’s partially
a product of Virginia’s defense scheme.
-Solid rebounder, though he’ll need to show more skill to excel in a small-ball frontcourt role.

9.Washington Wizards- Sekou
-Outstanding physical tools with a thick frame and long arms; he’s a fluid above-the-rim athlete who can dunk or block
shots from afar.
-Theoretically a versatile defender due to his blend of strength, length, and mobility, though he needs to stay locked in
and dramatically improve his fundamentals.
-Productive rebounder.
-Good footwork on drives to the rim; his handle is still catching up, but his feet look natural on Eurosteps and rip-
throughs; he played soccer growing up and his agility translates to the court.
-Assertive offensive player with a quick first step and alluring shot-creation skills for his size.
-Solid post scoring potential. He moves well and gets to his hook shot, but lacks advanced moves.
-Fumbles the ball often—and that’s on straight-line drives,
never mind more advanced maneuvers. He needs to learn to control the rock better to maximize his physical gifts.
-Poor decision
-maker who wears blinders, missing open teammates for easy passes. Often settles for jump shots, even though he’s
a subpar shooter.
-Untamed jump shot; he has good natural touch, but inconsistent mechanics and footwork make his percentages plummet
-Poor defensive fundamentals. He defends flat-footed, which slows him down laterally, and falls out of
his stance, putting his hands down or wildly opening his hips when changing directions.
-Effort wanes constantly. He goes from sprinting in transition to taking breathers and failing to contest shots; his
conditioning may need to improve, too.

10.Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks)- Bol Bol (dependent upon health during day of draft but rumor has it, he will be)
SHADES OF: Kristaps Porzingis in 480p, present-day Brook Lopez, Thon Maker
-Fluid, coordinated athlete who moves surprisingly gracefully with the ball in his hands for a player his size; he’ll be a
threat attacking defenders who are closing out.
-Lob threat with an excellent catch radius and the soft hands to corral any pass. He keeps the ball high when finishing,
not giving mortals a chance to swipe at the ball.
-Terrific spot-up shooter, despite his funky mechanics. If his screening improves, he’ll become a pick-and-pop weapon.
-Tantalizing upside as a scorer off the dribble; few bigs can dribble and shoot as well as he does. However, his lack of
strength and burst do limit his upside creating against a set defense.
-Flashes post upside with basic moves that culminate in a right hook. He’ll need to get stronger to carve out space closer
to the rim.
-Potential deterrent around the rim due to his sheer length. He’s so long that his presence can alter opponents’ shots.
He’s mobile when he chooses to be.
-Poor shot selection: He floats too much on the perimeter and settles for jumpers off the dribble. While that’s the most
tantalizing area of his game, he needs to rein it in for now.
-Beanpole frame hinders his screening; he barely ever makes contact, since defenders can so easily sneak around him.
Putting actual effort into his screens would pay dividends.
-Slow to react to pressure when playing in the post; it often seems like he doesn’t realize that passing the ball is an
-Poor effort plagues his defense: He fails to contest shots, help, communicate, and box out for rebounds. You won’t find
him hustling back on defense.
-Lacks fundamentals; he plays high defending the post and can’t get low on the perimeter, which probably isn’t solvable
due to his high center of gravity.
-NBA scouts question his work ethic and conditioning, on top of the durability concerns due to his frail body: He suffered
a stress fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot at Oregon.

11.Minnesota Timberwolves- Clarke
-Impressively logged as many blocks as missed shots during the regular season at Gonzaga.
-Explosive leaper with soft hands to catch tough passes, and the ambidexterity and spatial awareness to finish in a crowd.
-Good decision-maker. The type of player who plays “good to great” basketball by grabbing a rebound and locating an open
teammate instead of forcing up a careless, contested shot.
-Handles the ball well for his size; he can take rebounds and go coast-to-coast. He’s mostly a straight-line driver but
likes using a spin move to his right.
-Sets solid screens, and has good feel and timing on dives to the rim; with his passing and dribbling skill, he could be
a weapon on the short roll.
-Strong indicators that he will develop a perimeter game: touch on floaters, post fadeaways, hook shots, and midrange
-Plays his ass off. Makes the extra effort, attacks the offensive boards, dives for loose balls, and hustles back in
-Excellent shot blocker. He’s a fast-twitch leaper who perfectly times his jumps and uses the rule of verticality to
alter shots without fouling.
-Projects well as a pick-and-roll defender. Has the agility to hedge and help, and the recovery speed, anticipation, and
switchability to take on wings and guards.
-Unless he develops a spot-up 3, he’ll need to play like a center on offense, which could create matchup issues for his
-Ideal role is small-ball 5, but a lack of length and strength will hinder his ability to defend larger elite bigs like
Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns.
-Underwhelming defensive rebounder given his athletic gifts.
-Shooting upside is only theoretical: He overhauled his form after transferring from San Jose State to Gonzaga, but he
still has rigid release and shoots a mediocre percentage from the line.

12.Charlotte Hornets- Langford
-Good physical profile with a wiry frame and long arms. He’s agile with or without the ball, and has a quick first step.
-Innate scoring instincts show in the way he moves, creates space using crossovers and stepbacks, and handles contact at
the rim.
-Solid perimeter scorer off the dribble. He’s a confident shooter from anywhere on the floor who smoothly transitions
from his dribble into his jumper.
-Flashes pick-and-roll playmaking skills; though he’s raw, creating for others off the dribble should be a developmental
priority at the NBA level.
-Good rebounder for his position. He can turn defensive possessions into offense.
-Defensive upside due to his strong body and athleticism; he could be useful switching screens if he starts to try
-Needs to overhaul his shot form or he’ll remain an inefficient shooter. His feet are never set the same and he releases
an inaccurate ball due to unusual wrist flexion
-Currently uncomfortable off the ball: He struggles at spot-up shooting and he’s not an aware cutter.
-He’s a ball stopper. Though he can complete basic passes to rollers or to shooters for kickout 3s, he has a bad habit of
pausing before making a dribble move or picking up his dribble before passing.
-Decision-making needs to improve: He dribbles into traffic too often, and though he drew a lot of fouls at Indiana, he’s
a below-the-rim player who may not draw as many at the next level.
-Spacey defender who falls asleep off the ball and makes slow reads even when he’s paying attention, both serious concerns
for his long-term defensive upside.

13.Miami Heat- Little
SHADES OF: Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Stanley Johnson
-Ideal body for positionless basketball with a thick, muscular frame, long arms, and explosive athleticism.
-Switchable defender who can potentially lock down multiple positions due to his strength and raw quickness—but only if
his fundamentals dramatically improve.
-Stout defender against bigs and larger forwards due to length and strength; he’s hard to move with his strong base.
-Good rebounder at the wing thanks to his athleticism.
-Lob threat off cuts. He could also be used as a roller in the pick-and-roll due to his explosiveness and ability to
absorb and finish through contact.
-Comfortable attacking closeouts to get to the rim.
-Shows flashes pulling up from short midrange. He’s also a good free throw shooter, which suggests he has long-term
3-point upside.
-Flaky off-ball defender who loses track of his man due to ball-watching, fails to help, and has trouble navigating
-Gets caught out of position too often defending quicker players, which leads to blow-bys. He’s too much of a turnstile
for a player with his physical profile and effort level.
-Adding weight in college has allowed him to be a big for UNC, but it’s sapped him of the lateral quickness that made him
an elite high school defender.
-Looks puzzled on offense. He record-scratches the offense, pauses, settles for contested pull-ups, and dribbles into
traffic instead of locating open teammates.
-Lacks fluidity driving the ball. He has some crossovers and in-out dribble moves, but he’s stiff.
-Struggles spot-up shooting. He has some bad misses, including air balls.

14.Boston Celtics (via Sacramento Kings)- Goga
-Skilled interior scorer off of cuts and in the pick-and-roll. He’s a fluid ball handler and ambidextrous finisher with
touch on floaters and layups.
-Bitadze is the best screener in this draft class; excels at the little things that young bigs often struggle with, like
dribble handoffs and high-low passes.
-Capable of attacking off the dribble, which suggests long-term potential attacking closeouts, developing advanced post
moves, and—hopefully—shooting.
-Projects as a positive spot-up shooter; he has the touch and smooth, consistent mechanics to continue to extend his range
beyond the NBA 3-point line.
-Good passing vision, especially on the short roll, locating and accurately delivering the ball to shooters and cutters.
-Smart and competitive defender who understands proper positioning and fundamentals; he’s long, and has the potential to
effectively drop in pick-and-roll coverages.
-Engaged off-ball defender who rotates well to alter shots or close out, though his lateral mobility must improve.
-Hard-nosed rebounder who chases boards out of his area and boxes out.
-Moves laterally like he has sandbags around his ankles; he currently struggles to stay in front of quicker forwards and
is hopeless when switching against guards and wings.
-Needs to be perfect fundamentally to thrive defensively since he’s so slow-footed; he’ll need to develop as a drop
pick-and-roll defender like Jusuf Nurkic.
-Gets into foul trouble because he leaps at pump fakes and gets too handsy on the perimeter when he’s a beat late due to
his slow feet.
-Lacks explosiveness, which hinders his finishing against larger players and limits his rim-protection upside.
-Emotional player; got visibly frustrated in past seasons, though he’s gotten better at controlling his temper and not
letting adversity impact his performance.

15.Detroit Pistons- Nickiel Alexander-Walker
-Ambidextrous dribbler and scorer, comfortable with executing in-out dribbles and crossovers, and at-rim finishes and
floaters, with either hand.
-Good spot-up shooter who displays instincts for relocating and cutting to get open.
-Passing might be his best NBA skill: He’ll wow you with off-the-dribble left-handed passes to shooters in the corner.
-Fluid ball handler who plays with poise in the pick-and-roll; it looks like he’s coasting but he’s always under control.
-Flashes post scoring skills; with his playmaking, he could use the post as a source for playmaking as a big guard like
Evan Turner.
-Long, competitive defender who should be able to effectively defend both guard spots.
=Struggles finishing in the paint since his average athleticism means he doesn’t get much elevation.
-More likely a secondary playmaker than a primary due to his lack of burst.
-Ineffective 3-point shooter off the dribble, possibly due to his catapult-like shooting mechanics, where he brings the
ball back to his forehead and then launches.

16.Orlando Magic- Kevin Porter Jr.
-Excellent physical profile with a strong frame and long arms; NBA spacing could someday allow him to be an explosive
force driving to the rim.
-Projects as a shifty ball handler; his left-to-right crossover is currently his best move, though he’s too loose and high
with his right-hand dribble.
-Flashes perimeter shot-creation skills. He has confidence in his stepback jumper, which could someday be his go-to shot.
-Showed solid passing instincts and a greater willingness to create for others after returning from a foot injury in
-Great rebounder and shot blocker for his position, since he’s such a quick leaper.
-Potentially a super versatile defender given his agility and strength—so long as his defensive fundamentals improve and
he stays locked in.
-Shooting form has issues: It’s a low, flat release, and there is a lot of lower body movement; inconsistent landings may
be the cause of his inconsistencies, especially off the catch.
-Inactive off-ball player, though that might’ve been a symptom of the college offense he played in.
-His ballhandling is largely flash and little substance at this point due to his looseness while attempting most moves.
-Lacks off-ball defensive awareness. He gets caught looking at the ball and loses his man. His motor is inconsistent, and
he has to learn when to gamble.
-Doesn’t stay seated in an on-ball defensive stance, and he’s often flat-footed; he also swipes at the ball and bites on
fakes, causing him to stumble out of position.
-Maturity is a concern: He was suspended indefinitely midseason at USC for an undisclosed off-court reason, and tends to
take poor shots outside of the offensive system on the court.

17.Brooklyn Nets- PJ Washington
-Good passer for his position; has vision from all over the floor, though he does tend to force some passes into tight
-Makes up for below-the-rim finishing on drives with a quick first step, decisive moves, and ambidexterity on his layups.
-Rapidly improving spot-up 3-point shooter who projects to have NBA range.
-Mobile on-ball defender with long arms and a stout frame, though he doesn’t quite have the size to be an enforcer.
-Lacks explosiveness in traffic, which means he won’t be much of a pick-and-roll threat to throw down lobs or finish with
-Needs to diversify his offense: He rushes too many wild shots and lacks any advanced post moves; defenders will know he’s
going to his right hook.
-Below-average defensive rebounder who doesn’t display a nose for the ball; his teams may get abused on the boards if they
use him as a small-ball 5.
-Inconsistent motor and focus while defending off-ball or boxing out; doesn’t always make hustle plays like diving for
loose balls and taking charges.

18.Indiana Pacers- Tyler Herro
-Quick shooting release with NBA range; he’s capable of catching and shooting the ball at tough angles.
-Herro’s upside shooting off the dribble is his most tantalizing skill. He’s comfortable with sidestep pull-ups,
especially going to his left.
-Natural feel for off-ball relocation to get open for spot-up jumpers or cuts to the basket; he’ll wear out defenders with
his constant, deceptive movement.
-Has potential as a crafty interior finisher; he has a soft floater and he’s adept at using his off hand on layups.
-Intelligent passer who knows how to leverage his height to pass over the defense.
-Runs hard in transition to the wings and corners for 3s.
-Hustles on defense and crashes the boards. His physical profile should support more muscle, which would allow him to
defend stronger NBA wings and forwards.
-Works hard and models his game after Devin Booker, who had eerily similar strengths and weaknesses entering the NBA.
-Struggled to shoot off of screens and handoffs at Kentucky; his form makes him look like an elite knockdown shooter, but
results aren’t supportive.
-Sluggish first step turning the corner on drives to the rim limits his shot-creation ability. Lacks explosiveness to
regularly finish once he gets inside.
-Doesn’t have the lateral quickness to effectively defend quicker players on switches; he got burned in Kentucky’s final
game against Auburn.
-Has the requisite length and effort to be an effective defender, but needs to develop more attention to detail.

19.San Antonio Spurs- Hayes
-Above-the-rim finisher with the hands and coordination to reel in tough passes. He runs the floor hard in transition, and
can finish fluidly even after a couple of dribbles.
-With a wide frame, he should get significantly stronger, which will help him finish against contact, rebound, and defend
the interior.
-Good free throw shooter who also has soft touch on hook shots from the short midrange; there’s a chance he could someday
develop a spot-up jumper.
-Has the potential to become an elite rim protector: alters shots with his mere presence, and his long wingspan allows him
to clog passing lanes.
-Excellent lateral quickness defending on the perimeter. May one day be able to switch, or defend pick-and-rolls
regardless of the coverage.
-High-effort, attentive defender who’ll recover for chase-down blocks, which can mask some of his raw fundamentals.
-Multisport athlete until his senior year of high school, when a late growth spurt forced him to quit football and focus
entirely on basketball.
-High-character, hard-working player who was raised by parents who had successful athletic careers: His dad played 12
years in the NFL, and his mom played college basketball.
-Gets caught in no-man's-land defending the pick-and-roll; he often looks confused, an understandable symptom of his
-Commits careless fouls biting on pump fakes and reaching instead of using the rule of verticality.
-He gets overpowered on the boards, and sealed off underneath the rim, which currently limits his defense and rebounding.
Does he lack toughness or strength?
-Lacks basic post skills. Banging down low won’t be a focus, but he needs to improve at burying defenders underneath the
rim and finishing at tough angles.
-Inexperienced: He’s often a beat late making reads, doesn’t screen well, and sloppily executes simple plays like dribble
-Reluctant with his left hand; he dunked nearly everything in college, but finishing at an elite level in the NBA requires
more dexterity.
-Potential health concerns. He got banged up a few times over the course of the season, and sustained a bone bruise to his
left knee, ending his freshman campaign.

20.Boston Celtics (via LA Clippers)- Keldon Johnson
-Decisive scorer; he grabs the ball and goes when attacking closeouts or sprinting in transition, taking long strides on
his way to the rim.
-Improving 3-point shooter who has good touch on floaters, which helps dampen any concerns about his funky, leaning
shooting form.
-Hard-nosed rebounder unafraid to mix it up with bigs.
-Plays with effort and passion. He’ll dive for loose balls, close out hard on the perimeter, and take a charge.
-Theoretically a good defender due to his energy if his fundamentals improve.
-High, loose dribble limits his ability to create scoring opportunities for himself. He relies on brute force on straight-
line drives, and lacks any finesse with the ball in his hands.
-Robotic passer who doesn’t make advanced reads.
-A below-the-rim finisher in traffic who doesn’t handle contact well and lacks the length to extend for layups. He also
rarely uses his left hand finishing and dribbling.
-He’s heavy-footed moving laterally since he’s on his heels, and he bites for far too many fakes.
-He’s a ball watcher prone to allowing backdoor cutters and open shooters.
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Concerts and Events for December 10, 2016

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A Christmas Carol Portland Playhouse 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a_christmas_carol_1439
A-WOL Aeros: Toy Box A-WOL Dance Collective 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a-wol_aeros_toy_box
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Beyond Bizarre Tour - 7PM Family-Friendly Tour Outside the Old Merchange Hotel 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/beyond_bizarre_tour
NW Natural Holidays with the Trail Band Aladdin Theater 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/nw_natural_holidays_with_the_trail_band_4710
Portland Winterhawks vs. Everett Silvertips Memorial Coliseum 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/portland_winterhawks_vs_everett_silvertips_5689
SLANT Live Queer Storytelling Mississippi Studios & Bar Bar 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/slant_live_queer_storytelling_6892
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cafe Stage @ Knova Learning School 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/the_best_christmas_pageant_ever_8757
The Intimacy Project: I'd Like To Get To Know... Performance Works Northwest 7pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/the_intimacy_project_id_like_to_get_to_know_you_7pm_show
A Christmas Carol: A One-Man Ghost Story Post5 Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a_christmas_carol_a_one-man_ghost_story
A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical... Artists Repertory Theatre, Alder Stage 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a_civil_war_christmas_an_american_musical_celebration_7140
A Tuna Christmas Winningstad Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a_tuna_christmas_672
Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw Wonder Ballroom 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/andy_grammer_and_gavin_degraw
Beauty and the Beast Newmark Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/beauty_and_the_beast_76
Buyer and Cellar Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/buyer_and_cellar
George Balanchine's The Nutcracker Keller Auditorium 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/george_balanchines_the_nutcracker
Gospel Christmas Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/gospel_christmas_9863
Handel's Messiah (Complete - 3 Hours) First Baptist Church 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/handels_messiah_complete_3_hours
Hay Fever Portland Actors Conservatory 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/hay_fever_3665
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin Portland Center Stage at the Armory 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/hershey_felder_as_irving_berlin
In Good Company Lincoln Performance Hall 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/in_good_company
Kathryn Claire - Community Concert Winona Grange #271 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/kathryn_claire_-_community_concert
Marilyn Monroe contre les vampires Disjecta Contemporary Art Center 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/marilyn_monroe_contre_les_vampires
One Man, Two Guvnors Lakewood Center for the Arts 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/one_man_two_guvnors
Parfumerie Venetian Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/parfumerie
Plaid Tidings Salem's Historic Grand Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/plaid_tidings_4854
Plaid Tidings Brunish Theatre 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/plaid_tidings_131
Superhero Old Folks' Home Echo Theater 7:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/superhero_old_folks_home
A Liberace and Liza Christmas CoHo Theatre 8pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/a_liberace_and_liza_christmas
Cirque du Soleil TORUK - The First Flight Moda Center 8pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/cirque_du_soleil_toruk_-_the_first_flight
Shook Twins with special guest Rabbit Wilde Revolution Hall 8pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/shook_twins_with_special_guest_rabbit_wilde
The Dandy Warhols: Land of Misfit Toys McMenamins Crystal Ballroom 8pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/the_dandy_warhols_land_of_misfit_toys
White Album Christmas Alberta Rose Theatre 8pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/white_album_christmas_1612
The Intimacy Project: I'd Like To Get To Know... Performance Works Northwest 9pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/the_intimacy_project_id_like_to_get_to_know_you_9pm_show
Marilyn Monroe contre les vampires (Late Shows) Disjecta Contemporary Art Center 9:30pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/marilyn_monroe_contre_les_vampires_4863
Beyond Bizarre Tour - 10PM Adults Only Tour Outside the Old Merchant Hotel 10pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/beyond_bizarre_tour_-_7pm_family-friendly_tour
Jump Jack Sound Machine Mississippi Studios & Bar Bar 10pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/jump_jack_sound_machine_4338
Late Night Piano Bar Artists Repertory Theatre, Morrison Lobby 10pm https://calendar.travelportland.com/event/late_night_piano_bar
source: http://calendar.travelportland.com/calendar
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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Using Electric Motors for ...

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